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about 8 years ago

IdeaBank Winners Announced; App Design Gallery Now Open

We are pleased to announce the winners of the MyMoneyAppUp IdeaBank Challenge!

The Grand Prize of $1,000 goes to Collin O’Rourke, 26, of Waukegan, Illinois. Collin's winning idea? I want an app that lets me enter purchases and rate/track how happy they do or don't make meover time, so I can adjust my spending accordingly.

Taking home the two Runners-Up Prizes of $500 each were... 

  • Genki Kondo, 24, of Bethesda, Maryland with the following idea: I want an app that locates people around you who are willing to trade away an item that youwould have otherwise purchased, then facilitate the trade.
  • Stephanie Halligan, 25, of Arlington, Virginia with the following idea: I want an app that calculates the return on investment for college, based on expected net cost oftuition at specific colleges and anticipated salary by major.

Two Honorable Mention Prizes of $250 each were also awarded to...

  • Emily Hummel, 43, of Austin, Texas with the following idea: I want an app that shows real costs. If I put $100 shoes on a credit card with 18% rate, what dothey really cost me? What would $100 do if invested instead?
  • Waqarul Islam, 16, of The Bronx, New York with the following idea: I want an app that will set guidelines for my expenditures in accordance to my yearly salary andwill periodically inform me of my remaining spending capacity.

To view the winning ideas, click here. And check out the official press release from the U.S Treasury.

Congratulations, again, to our winners - and thanks to all who supported and participated in the MyMoneyAppUp IdeaBank. 

Separately, the MyMoneyAppUp App Design Gallery is now open. Check out app designs from Challenge contestants here.

Thanks to all for your support and participation in the MyMoneyAppUp IdeaBank and App Design Challenge. And stay tuned for the App Design finalists annoucement! 


-The MyMoneyAppUp Team