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about 8 years ago

Submit a MyMoneyAppUp App Design for Your Shot at $10,000!

Thanks for your interest in the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge. If you've already submitted an App Design, congratulations on getting it done! If you've "Accepted" the Challenge or are "Following" it with the intent to submit an App Design, now is the time! You're only a few steps away from your chance at the $10,000 Grand Prize. Let’s get you jumpstarted! 

So what does an App Design submission entail?

  1. Getting started, here's where you'll submit your App Design.
  2. First, you'll name your app.
  3. Then, you'll write up a short description. Just a few sentences is enough.
  4. Next, visuals. You can upload images that illustrate your app. (They don't have to be fancy. Sometimes, simple drawings speak volumes!) You can also include a link to a video where you perhaps show on a whiteboard how your app will work.
  5. The last thing you need to do is upload a document in which you address the following: A) The idea for the app and where it came from; B) How the app is innovative and contributes something new to the marketplace; C) How the app would promote financial capability and/or financial access; D) The feasibility of creating the app; and E) The potential for sustainability for the app. 

Click here for the basic App Design submission template to help you get started. (This template also further explains items A-E above.)

Be sure to submit your App Design by 11:59 pm ET on August 12, 2012.

Remember, there's $25,000 in prize money at stake here: $10,000 for the Grand Prize; two (2) $5,000 Runners-Up Prizes; and two (2) $2,500 Honorable Mention Prizes!

Visit the FAQs page or email for more information!


Good luck to all!

-The MyMoneyAppUp Team